Attorney Jeff Herman is Dealing With Sexual Abuse Unashamedly

According to Jeff Herman, it is currently more important to keep close tabs with what is happening in your children’s life. Parents should aim at ways of keeping their children secure from predators both offline and online. Jeff is an advocate and attorney for victims of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and rape. He has valuable advice to parents on how to talk with their children about sexual predators and crimes, and how to be on the lookout for signs of abuse.


Vulnerability increases the chances of how predators manipulate, entice and abuse children. For instance, when naive children are abused sexually, they may not even comprehend they have been abused. Since they do not recognize they have been taken advantage of, they continue to allow the abuse, complying willingly. If they happen to realize what happened, they will be eaten by guilt for what happened to them resulting in ripple and complicated problems. Visit This Page for related information


Since we cannot guarantee their safety 24/7, educating them, having open communication channels, and teaching them how to keep healthy boundaries serves as a way of arming them. Jeff Herman has developed a recognized and unique technique for child forensic interviewing. He is a trainer of professionals from child well-being institutions on assisting sexually abused kids to heal through exposure.


Jeff Herman is determined to air and expose sexual predator and institutions by breaking the silence and talking about it. Jeff Herman is credited with exposing the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Miami and other dioceses in the US. He won $100 Million Verdict in 2011 for a client who has been abused sexually by a priest. His most recent activity is his representation of many men in sexual harassment lawsuits against Kevin Clash, a former Elmo puppeteer.


Jeff Herman’s operates his Herman Law firm in Boca Raton. He attended the University of Arizona for his Bachelor of Science and Case Western Reserve University School of Law for a Doctor of Law (J.D.). Jeff is a high-profile attorney who has been featured in The New York Magazine, Forbes, USA Today and The New York Times. He appears on MSNBC, HLN, FOX, and CNN as a featured expert vocalizing issue around sexual abuse.


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Heal And Soothe: An Effective Alternative

There are a lot of people that suffer with pain on a daily basis. Often, it is difficult for them to even get up in the morning and go to work or simply make a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. Chronic pain issues simply do not disappear without some type of assistance. The fact is that most of those that suffer with chronic pain take over the counter medications or prescription medications. We’ve all heard that those products are dangerous in high doses. However, there is a natural alternative that does not include the harmful ingredients in those products, Heal And Soothe.


Is It Effective

Well, most people are skeptical, and they have the right to doubt the effectiveness of the natural product. All it takes is a few minutes talking to someone that has taken Heal And Soothe to learn the truth. One very satisfied woman states that she was very doubtful after reading about it online. However, she still decided to give the product a try. She was amazed. It worked a miracle overnight. She took Heal and Soothe one night. The next morning her pain symptoms were less. After taking the product for a few weeks, her pain was gone. The annoying discomfort in her back simply disappeared. The aches in her joints were much less. She was so shocked at the results. Now, she is off the prescription pain medication too, and feeling much better. Go To This Page for additional information.


Heal And Soothe

Heal And Soothe is a very effective alternative to the over the counter pills or prescription pills that are prescribed by traditional doctors. The product contains important systematic enzymes and natural pain relievers produced by nature. Heal And Soothe really does work. Here is the deal. It uses a process that is called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This is not something new. This type of therapy has been used for over 50 years. First, it is important to realize that inflammation is responsible for pain. The Systemic Enzyme Therapy defends your body against inflammation.


Several studies show that Heal And Soothe is a very effective product that only contains natural ingredients. Isn’t it time you learned more about How Heal and Soothe Changed the Supplement Industry?




Rocketship Education, Awesome Charter School

Rocketship is a public network elementary charter schools. Rocketship’s educational services have been available to the public since 2006. Since opening Rocketship has been known for their high achieving academic reputation. Rocketship’s achievements are a surprise to the public because this network of schools services children who lives in unfortunate neighborhoods.

The founder and CEO of Rocketship is Preston Smith. Preston is proud to be the founder of Rocketship education. Recently, Rocketship received negative press attention from a blog named in NPR. When Preston seen the negative news presented by this blog, he was not surprised because he is used to harsh criticism regarding a charter school. Preston decided to ignore to the negative news that was reported; however, the parents were extremely upset. Parents of Rocketship wanted Preston and the school network to address the false information that was presented.

Instead of the school district creating a confrontation with NPR, he decided to release a statement talking about how great Rocketship was at a school. In this statement, he also decided to talk about how fortunate he and the teachers and supporters of Rocketship was to serve the students a Rocketship. In addition to this, Preston also released feedback from the parents at Rocketship.

This feedback from rocket ship parents revealed that more than 3/4 of Rocketship parents have already recommended the school to friends and family. This survey also revealed that almost all of rocket ship students grade level. This survey and the school’s numeric findings disputed what NPR’s blog wrote about Rocketship.

In the end, the parents of Rocketship was very proud of the CEO in the school district for standing up for themselves and for the children of Rocketship. Rocketship will continue to provide a resourceful full loving educational environment to their students, despite negative media attention. Preston was happy to allow the public to see how much the children and parents Rocketship enjoy the school’s community. Hopefully, in the future, the media will stop reporting false information, especially information in regard to children.