Rebel Wilson Takes Lead in Upcoming Comedy Film

Actress Rebel Wilson is featured as the leading lady in the upcoming 2019 romantic-comedy Isn’t It Romantic. The flick, set to hit theaters on Valentine’s Day, co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Pitch Perfect alum Adam Devine. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Wilson stars as Natalie, a working architect in New York. Natalie is knocked unconscious as she attempts to stop a mugging in progress. When she awakens, Natalie discovers herself in an alternate universe. She is self-aware of her presence within the “rom-com” world. Natalie must break through stereotypes and cliches in order to fall truly in love and return to the real world. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

The Australian-born actress broke real-life stereotypes by participating in the project, as she is one of just a handful of plus-sized actresses to win the role of leading lady in a romantic film. Wilson has followed a path similar to Mo’Nique, Queen Latifah, and Amy Schumer, each of whom has carved a name for themselves into the niche of rom-com flicks.

She attempted to claim the title of the first plus-sized woman to take the lead in a romantic film, but Twitter followers quickly stepped in.Wilson was quick to acknowledge how her meaning could be misinterpreted.

“It’s a grey area,” Wilson shared on her Twitter account. “Most of the films followers mentioned are billed as having a sole lead.”

It is not the first time that Wilson has been caught in a whirlwind of media controversy where she has quickly taken control and corrected the situation. Wilson originally remained mum when some media outlets incorrectly stated her birth name, age, and background. When the articles in several publications pegged the actress as a serial liar, Wilson wasted no time and stood her ground. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram

One outlet had misreported that the starlet had been born Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, which was derived by mixing Wilson’s two middle names with her mother’s last name. Another had reported that the comedienne had lied about her age on multiple occasions. A multi-million dollar settlement was awarded to Wilson in one defamation suit against Bauer Media. The release of the articles coincided with a dry spell in her career.

“These articles were a deliberate, malicious take-down of me,” she testified in court.

Wilson was awarded $4.5M in damages in September 2017, but the amount was later reduced to uder $1M.

Wilson is set to appear in four films and one stage production throughout 2019.

Talos Energy: Alliances In Data Leads To Economic Improvement

Oil is one of the world’s most important resources: it is the fuel for industrialization to take its course, it is the driving force of industrialization. Without oil and fuel’s discovery, the evolution of energy usage of the mechanical forces of industrialization would take a halt, or at the very least be slowed down to a non-productive state.

Being one of the top sources of energy, oil has a steadily increasing demand on the market. We use oil and for cars, trains, cooking, etc. Making oil and gas almost a need for basic human functions. With high demands, means that it should be met with the right supply. This is why the oil industry is very competitive and it is thriving upwards indefinitely. The competition for oil is so tight that oil companies invest a lot of money into their research department just to find the right spots to strike for oil – getting them ahead of their competitors.

Talos Energy is one of the oil producing superpowers that is based in the Gulf of Mexico – with their partnership with Pemex – it has teamed up with other oil and gas producing companies to: 1) individually collect date from their geological region, and 2) share their data with their alliance. This is all with the ultimate goal of propelling the Mexican Oil and Gas industry forward, being main competitors in the world oil and gas market.

Recently, Talos Energy has struck a huge reserve of oil in the shallow areas on the Gulf of Mexico – and this was big news for their alliance because this means that collective research has paid off and now all the companies can now benefit from the hotspot that was confirmed by Talos.

In a recent venture, the Mexican oil regulator has approved the appraisal of Talos-led Zama project and has agreed to a multimillion dollar venture with Talos to finish the construction of the site. The site that will be finished by 2019 has a potential of producing 100,000 barrels of oil per day by the time it reaches it peak in 2023. This is one of the keys to help propel the Mexican economy forward.

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Wealth Strategist and Editor Ted Bauman, featured on, opens up about his personal habits, ideas and what jazzes him up as a writer

Humanizing banal topics such as, asset protection and low-risk investment strategies, takes concerted effort. But, Ted Bauman creator of, The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert, likens it to creating a good read. He tells folks at that writing interesting narrative, is his method, in capturing the attention of everyday folks regarding the importance of wealth and finances. Ted believes that real-life examples, engages the reader, making it relatable, helping to get them excited to participate in their own personal success.

When asked the usual, but fun question, of all writers, “What does your typical day look like?” Ted states how he likes the mornings the best, while his family is still asleep. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. The darkest time of the morning, before dawn breaks, is the favored time for most writers. Ted likes taking advantage of his alert well-rested mind and frowns upon any intrusions of this morning ritual.

Ted Bauman is an example of how someone’s failure(s) can promote solutions and rewarding experiences. When Ideamensch asked Ted Bauman, “What is one failure and how did you overcome it?” He reflected on learning “too late”. In the beginning of Ted’s career, he had worked in the public sector with low-income communities creating affordable housing. He was overzealous with his approach on how to create financial management systems with little resources. He lost sight of the reality of their personal situations and personal boundaries. Learning, too late, how he can be more pragmatic. However, he feels this is what drives him to keep doing what he’s doing.

Today, what motivates Ted Bauman is the love of helping ordinary people become educated on the trends in economics, here and globally. Ted is an expert consultant in Risk Management and implementing financial system designs. He has shared his big ideas, and small rituals with ideamensch, teaching people how his business model(s) can help obtain economic stability, providing people the key to a happy and successful life. A trend that Ted Bauman believes will create prosperity for humanity – from the top, all the way down to the bottom.

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