How Have Past Experiences Shaped Damac’s Hussain Sajwani’s Successes

The name Dubai is now almost synonymous with the futuristic skyscrapers and the real estate market which is always rich with opportunities for luxury projects. Behind this prestigious real estate market is a long list of globally acclaimed property developers. And making to list f the earliest investors here is Hussain Sajwani, the founder, CEO, and chairman of Damac Properties. Worth over $3 billion, the DAMAC owner sits comfortably among on the Forbes top ten richest individuals of Arab origin. But how did he get here?

Hussain Sajwani’s early life

Hussain was born in the humble but highly entrepreneurial family. His father owned a shop in which he sold almost everything from pens to watches, while his mother would purchase saris and other fabrics at wholesale, and resale them at higher retail prices. It is the hardworking nature of his parents that inspired him to appreciate the value of hard work in all his endeavors.

This hard work earned a scholarship to study in America and in effect set his ball to success rolling. After completing his studies, Hussain Sajwani worked at Abu Dhabi gas industries, where he learned yet another skill, saving. Here he nurtured the entrepreneurial skills gained by watching his parents their small businesses and put them into practice when he established a catering company.

He combined what he learned from his father, at the university and also his short stint at Abu Dhabi gas industries, and within a short period of time, his business had clients from all over the country, handling about 200 projects in a day.

Moving to real estate

When the Dubai government allowed foreigners to invest in the country, Hussain (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) saw this as an opportunity to set up a local real estate company. He started off what is today an empire, by establishing a series of five-star hotels in the country’s major cities. In 2002 he officially established DAMAC properties, which today has close to 2000 employees, and a development portfolio of over 44,000 units spread across the world.

Relationship with Donald Trump

His success has also seen him become friends with the high and mighty in the society including President Donald Trump. Apart from business, his family and that of Trump’s are great friends and Ivanka Trump regularly visits his wife, while the sons of Trump were present in his daughter’s Amira Sajwani wedding.

The Hardworking Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire who is based in Dubai. The billionaire has been successful in his activities and has worked closely with the Trump organization that is owned by Donald Trump. Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have worked on the Trump Gold course. This idea came into their minds when they met during the New Years Eve. This has been a great achievement for the two business moguls since they have already sold properties worth 2 billion.



Hussain Sajwani family has been in close relation with that off Donald Trump. Trump’s family is aggressive and Hussein feels that they will be able to develop the business together. The Damac properties which are situated in Dubai are the business of Hussain Sajwani.



The headquarters of the company is based in Dubai. The company was founded in 1976 and it engages in numerous activities. Industries like engineering, architecture, and construction are the areas where Hussein Sajwani has greatly invested. The Damac properties have developed many organizations in Dubai including the residential, commercial and the leisure properties.



The company contains its official website where activities relating to the company are posted. Upcoming events in the company and job vacancies are posted where the qualified personnel is picked. The Damac properties are among the fastest growing companies in the United Arab Emirates. The Forbes magazine has ranked the company among the best in the world.



The DAMAC owner has worked with various companies on other projects. The Damac Company has worked with the Trump organization in providing services to the real estate sector. The National Marine Dredging Company has been instrumental in providing the marine, dredging and the general construction work to the company. Urban development and energy have been enhanced through the company.



The Drake and Scull International have provided engineering services to the company. Sanitation work, plumbing, and air conditioning have been provided to the company. Gas, oil, and the general civil works have developed the engineering sector where their delivery has been developed faster. Learn more:



The LVMH Moett has been instrumental in developing the Damac properties. The company has manufactured luxury goods that have been useful. This includes watches, perfumes, and other leather goods. Hussein has donated funds to the needy children through a clothing line that seeks to help them. Learn more: