Susan McGalla Broke The Glass Ceiling

When there is a lot of talk about women in the business world there is always some mention of how women struggle to gain those high level job titles. Breaking into the executive level seems to be such a rarity. This is what makes Susan McGalla such a popular female leader. She become the CEO of a major company, and she also started her own consulting company.

She stepped from a CEO role to a role with the Pittsburgh Steelers where she would connect the dots for creating a better clothing strategy for the fan gear. The Mount Union graduate had the chance to use her creative spirit to build a better clothing line for the fans. There are hats and newly designed t-shirts. These are the types of things that McGalla has become known for. She is the creative spirit that has developed new ideas for other companies, and she believes in sponsors that can help others.

McGalla continues to work and speak to those women that are looking for a way to enter the business world. When you have the ability to increase revenue for the company you lead by more than $300 million, people are going to listen to what you have to say. They want to know how you did what you did. This is why she has been able to maximize her earnings in the workforce as a consultant. Those type of numbers also play a part in the roles of strategic director that she acquired. The type of life that she has created shows that there is no limit to what she has the ability to do with marketing concepts. That is what she majored in, and that is what she continues to build her resume on. Her experience is what makes her someone that other women can learn from.