Talos Energy: Alliances In Data Leads To Economic Improvement

Oil is one of the world’s most important resources: it is the fuel for industrialization to take its course, it is the driving force of industrialization. Without oil and fuel’s discovery, the evolution of energy usage of the mechanical forces of industrialization would take a halt, or at the very least be slowed down to a non-productive state.

Being one of the top sources of energy, oil has a steadily increasing demand on the market. We use oil and for cars, trains, cooking, etc. Making oil and gas almost a need for basic human functions. With high demands, means that it should be met with the right supply. This is why the oil industry is very competitive and it is thriving upwards indefinitely. The competition for oil is so tight that oil companies invest a lot of money into their research department just to find the right spots to strike for oil – getting them ahead of their competitors.

Talos Energy is one of the oil producing superpowers that is based in the Gulf of Mexico – with their partnership with Pemex – it has teamed up with other oil and gas producing companies to: 1) individually collect date from their geological region, and 2) share their data with their alliance. This is all with the ultimate goal of propelling the Mexican Oil and Gas industry forward, being main competitors in the world oil and gas market.

Recently, Talos Energy has struck a huge reserve of oil in the shallow areas on the Gulf of Mexico – and this was big news for their alliance because this means that collective research has paid off and now all the companies can now benefit from the hotspot that was confirmed by Talos.

In a recent venture, the Mexican oil regulator has approved the appraisal of Talos-led Zama project and has agreed to a multimillion dollar venture with Talos to finish the construction of the site. The site that will be finished by 2019 has a potential of producing 100,000 barrels of oil per day by the time it reaches it peak in 2023. This is one of the keys to help propel the Mexican economy forward.

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Jose Auriemo Neto: The Man Of Many Talents

It is not common for a fashion magazine to feature a real estate developer in its annual issue. Jose Auriemo Neto was in this year’s Business of fashion magazine. This year it has included a section that displays the names of five hundred individuals that are influential especially in the market segment. The 2018 issue which has been recently released arrives with very famous names and the Chief Executive Officer who represents JHSF is among the few Brazilians that made it on the list. They did not just stop there but went on ahead to honor him with a gala and dinner event that was hosted especially for him by the publication. Not known to many Jose Auriemo Neto is the man moving the cogs and wheels at JHSF a property and Development Company that has its roots back in Latin America. The firm deals with construction as well as the sale of property across South America and have over the past decade risen to become a key player in the property as well as in the housing and commercial property sector.

JHSF is involved in most of the construction of buildings in the major town of Brazil and has an extensive portfolio of products in the housing category. This the main reason as to why he was treated with very high esteem. Jose Auriemo Neto is a friend to the foreign brand because he made it possible for famous brands to have their first stores in Brazil. The Cidade shopping mall featured luxury brands such as Valentino, Brunello, Gucci, and many others. When the door was opened at the inauguration of the mall, he gave them an opportunity to enter the market something that was not possible before. His commitment to work with leading global brands has enabled him to make new business associates in other industries rather than real estate business.

Jose Auriemo Neto has also been in the international news after he was able to purchase a very high value asset in the uptown area of New York. The bid was quite a struggle with major investors taking part in the auction. The purchase was made to announce to the American market that JHSF is making an entry into their territory.

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