Securus Technologies: Providing Security for the People

Every year, we see improvement in the technology around us. It is changing at a rate faster than we have imagined. There are new devices being introduced to the public every season, and the upgrades for our gadgets come in annually. Life in the 21st century became better because of technology, and progress soon followed. These technologies are being used in all aspects of modern life – at home, in school, inside the workplace, at the malls, in the government, and even in our religious life. But I sometimes wonder, do prisons receive the same advancement too?


The answer is yes. Prisons must also cope with the changing environment. They have to tighten their security and monitor the inmates inside to avoid conflict and riots. These tasks could not be done easily without the use of technology, and one of the largest providers of security devices inside American correctional facilities is Securus Technologies. Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a Dallas based technological company which focuses on manufacturing high tech devices to be used inside the correctional facilities to provide communication options to the inmates. They have more than a thousand employees, and have been a partner for years with several state prisons. They develop technologies such as voice calling devices, video calling devices, and biometric devices, among others.


Perhaps the most in demand device coming from Securus Technologies would be their cellular phone jammers. Authorities who run prisons get a bulk of these devices to stop the use of prohibited cell phones inside. By using it, the capabilities of a phone that was illegal taken inside the prison would be limited. This will make sure that no one would be able to do unmonitored phone calls that could lead to other crimes inside the facility. More than a million inmates are presently enjoying the devices that are being sold by Securus Technologies. They use it to communicate with the families that they left behind, and some are using it for entertainment purposes. Securus Technologies also stated that they will be introducing more devices in the near future for the use of American inmates.


Securus Technologies Changing the Way Fugitives are Caught

When a fugitive is on the run, me and my task force have to work tirelessly to keep every lead hot or the suspect can literally vanish into thin air. A recent inmate escaped from a maximum security prison overnight, and because he already had a huge head start, we could not set up a perimeter to contain him. Not knowing if he was two miles or a state away, my fugitive task force has to turn to family and friends of the suspects to track him down. When you are unable to set up a perimeter because of the lead time of the escape, you have to switch your thinking quickly or you are going to be in for a very frustrating time trying to play catch up.


This particular suspect was very smart, he not only did not go to any of his known hangouts, he never reached out to family or friends for help. He did not steal a car or rob someone of cash or credit cards, so we didn’t have any local police reports to try and pin down his location. It was almost like he vanished into thin air. He either had someone pick him up and take him far away or he was held up somewhere waiting for the heat to die down.  With no leads and time running out before he committed another crime, I turned my focus to the jail in which he escaped. I knew that none of the inmates would be cooperative because they would be labeled rats, but I did have an ace up my sleeve.


The company CEO, Richard Smith, has stood behind his brand and his 1,000 employees all feel the same about their efforts making the world a safer place for each of us. I was going to put that objective to its toughest test to date.


Once I was brought up to speed on how to work the LBS software, I knew we could get a lead if we just let the inmates talk because they simply can not keep quiet for too long. In a day, one of the inmates mentioned how his family needed to lay low because of the heat of this case. This was where the suspect must have been hiding since the escape, so we had to get a team there fast and not make it too obvious or he could flee. Once we were able to connect our suspect to that family, it eventually lead us right to his hiding spot.