Jason Hope Donates Big To Anti-Aging

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been a major contributor for the past multiple years in the search for results of different anti-aging products.

Jason Hope recently donated a whopping amount of money which came to a grand total of $500,000. This was donated to the SENS Research Foundation in 2010. Through such a generous donation by Jason Hope, the organization was able to get their feet wet and get the program off the ground like they always intended, they just had lacked in the funding department.

After the foundation got the ball rolling, they started to do more testing and came out with a new program called AGE-breaker. As you can probably guess the program helps with the anti-aging process. It works by targeting certain areas within the body that either loses their elasticity or size over time and works in a way of reversing this process. In order for a treatment or drug to fit into the AGE-breaker category, it must have the ability to break down advanced glycation end products, which are also known as AGE’s. To explain a little deeper, AGE’s are a type of metabolic waste that is built up over time and can cause harm to the body and this leads to the degenerative process of aging. These AGE’s are also linked to many diseases and problems that are developed as a person gets older, things like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many others.

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In the past, many different companies who were doing testing with AGE’s were not finding any results that would be beneficial to humans because all of the tests were always done on small living animals. The results were not able to translate over to humans because of the size comparison and the life expectancy.

Because of these past results, philanthropists like Jason Hope are really able to help out the new program, as they were able to carry out extended tests that were much safer than previously thought. The company now focuses on degenerative diseases and is discovering new treatments all the time for different problems, all thanks to Jason Hope.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and investor from Arizona. He loves to help the local community. He is a believer of technology.

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