Kim Dao Makes Traveling To Japan Easy

daily adventures. Consider using an app when booking your hotel and other details about your trip. One that Kim Dao recommends is Odigo ( You can find out everything from the best places to shop to the best restaurants. Google Maps is another feature that you want to use when visiting Japan. You can enter landmarks of the places that you know you want to visit to get detailed directions on how to get there. You’ll see various ways to travel and how long it will take to get to your destination. Learn more here:


Get a train card. When you get a train card, it will be easier than purchasing tickets. There are several train companies, especially around Tokyo and larger cities. You might need to make a few transfers when you want to get from one location to another. When you have a train card, you can avoid standing in line to get tickets. Cards are sold at airports for convenience. When you travel to Japan, there are some businesses that will accept credit and debit cards, but it’s best to have a lot of cash with you. ATMs are foreigner-friendly as there are several languages listed. Learn more:




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