Squaw Valley’s Statement

Squaw Valley recently issued an extended statement to respond to the news this week that there were traces of Escherichia Coli as well as Coliform bacteria in drinking water. This contamination was in Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. The statement said that the issue had prior been reported to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health. They further added that the water had since been continuously treated and showed significant improvement. According to Wesley Nicks, Director of Placer County Environmental Health, out of the four wells serving the upper mountain regions were showing very low levels of Coliform and totally no E. coli. He issued this statement while speaking to the Sierra Sun in November 2016.


Restaurants on the upper mountain were closed, while skiers were prohibited from drinking water until the issue was entirely settled. However, there are no health issues that have been reported so far. Top-to-bottom skiing is also allowed to proceed at the famous ski resort. In the statement, Squaw Valley said that the water systems in Placer Counties were affected by an unusually heavy rainstorm. This storm caused a backlog of a water system that had been installed during the summer at High Camp. This backlog is what led to the contamination of the entire water system. They maintained that the issue of the contamination was strictly limited only to the affected system, and that contamination was never at any point available to the public.


Squaw Valley did their part and informed Placer County Environmental Health as well as the Squaw Valley Public Service District as soon as they detected the issue. Squaw Valley also consulted some of the leading experts in water safety. Squaw Valley alongside the involved organizations also took steps towards addressing the issue and continues to ensure that the water system return to normalcy. With this statement, Squaw Valley said that they would not go back to the regular water usage at both Gold Coast and High Camp.


Squaw Valley also through the statement vowed on the importance of its clients’ health. This is why they handled the matter with unprecedented seriousness, just like they do any other safety issues in their resort.

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  1. In this their type of business I think they know very well why the views that people have about their safety matter. Also analyzedu review would have been found to be very important too in making the task traceable to where it can be isolated. Having such commitment as shown through their statement shows a very positive sign from a business standpoint.

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