The Chainsmokers Path

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are what we know as the duo group The Chainsmokers. The EDM pop sensation has recently struck major popularity with songs like “Closer” “#Selfie” and “Roses”. In 2014, their first huge breakthrough of the song “#Selfie” went top twenty in multiple countries. The song was countlessly played all throughout the Unites States and helped feed into the selfie trend that is still going on today. The duo claims many inspirations include Pharrell Williams, Taylor Swift, Taking Back Sunday, and The xx. The Chainsmokers have more than 29 million monthly listeners on the Spotify app alone, rating them at 26th in the world (rated by the apps statistics).

Awards are considerably very important in the music industry. The Chainsmokers have won numerous awards in major award ceremonies such as The Grammys, and an American Music Award. Their 2017 hit “Closer” also stayed in the #1 place on the Billboard top 100 for multiple weeks, staying towards the top for most of the year. It broke the record previously held by Bruno Mars for longest time in the Hot 100’s Top Five.

Their hit song “#Selfie” was released free of charge in December 2013, then was rereleased after their first live performance at Timeflies in Terminal 5, in January 2014.

Their newest EP Memories… Do Not Open, has continuously featured and reappeared on the Billboard charts. Each single they release went straight to the top of the Billboard charts and typically stayed there for a significant amount of time and won big name awards in the industry. With massive success from both albums, it is no question The Chainsmokers are absolutely dominating the music industry and are most likely going to continue to do so. Since their hit 2014 song, the music EDM duo continues to surprise everyone with their massive success in song and albums.