Wealth Strategist and Editor Ted Bauman, featured on Ideamensch.com, opens up about his personal habits, ideas and what jazzes him up as a writer

Humanizing banal topics such as, asset protection and low-risk investment strategies, takes concerted effort. But, Ted Bauman creator of, The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert, likens it to creating a good read. He tells folks at Ideamensch.com that writing interesting narrative, is his method, in capturing the attention of everyday folks regarding the importance of wealth and finances. Ted believes that real-life examples, engages the reader, making it relatable, helping to get them excited to participate in their own personal success.

When asked the usual, but fun question, of all writers, “What does your typical day look like?” Ted states how he likes the mornings the best, while his family is still asleep. Here’s How The Bull Market Dies. The darkest time of the morning, before dawn breaks, is the favored time for most writers. Ted likes taking advantage of his alert well-rested mind and frowns upon any intrusions of this morning ritual.

Ted Bauman is an example of how someone’s failure(s) can promote solutions and rewarding experiences. When Ideamensch asked Ted Bauman, “What is one failure and how did you overcome it?” He reflected on learning “too late”. In the beginning of Ted’s career, he had worked in the public sector with low-income communities creating affordable housing. He was overzealous with his approach on how to create financial management systems with little resources. He lost sight of the reality of their personal situations and personal boundaries. Learning, too late, how he can be more pragmatic. However, he feels this is what drives him to keep doing what he’s doing.

Today, what motivates Ted Bauman is the love of helping ordinary people become educated on the trends in economics, here and globally. Ted is an expert consultant in Risk Management and implementing financial system designs. He has shared his big ideas, and small rituals with ideamensch, teaching people how his business model(s) can help obtain economic stability, providing people the key to a happy and successful life. A trend that Ted Bauman believes will create prosperity for humanity – from the top, all the way down to the bottom.

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