Who Is David McDonald, Food Group Professional

Meet OSI Food Solutions CEO, Upclose & Personal

David A. McDonald, OSI Solutions CEO, is also a proud graduate of the University of Illinois. As a noted successful business man, he has given over, 25 years of experience to the food industry. When asked by a popular food service magazine online, David McDonald says, he would like to bring more customers than ever before to the food service industry. He continues to initiate many programs using his position to help his professional and community relationship. His team of professionals are proud to be led by his food industry skills.

CEO, International Business News

He has been able to connect with the quiet Dutch Food network. He understood the value of their food service team. The Baho Food Group is a viable food industry that has a huge audience. Today, David McDonald was able to initiate a deal that will allow him to market OSI organic foods to their network. He also did the same with the Flagship Europe food group. McDonald plays a major role in thr food industry. If you’re interested in learning about their food service international deals, visit the OSI Industries Food Group.

Executive Team Member David McDonald Charity News

OSI charity news has made headlines among other food group professionals. For example, David McDonald has been able to create a network that has created over 8,000 jobs worldwide. Their jobs give them an opportunity to become a diverse work community that specializes in food safety. In fact, their job initiative has created over 8,000 jobs worldwide. He understands that there is a need to feed and sustain their customers. Trust their team of professionals to direct you towards a very wholesome, but affordable diet. Give their diet a chance by visiting the OSI website for more details.

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